I have always wondered what it is in life that I will always remember. My successes? My failures? My regrets? Then, that night I had a dream, maybe as a result of my introspection of the day. In my dream I saw my wedding against the backdrop of the blue green hills; I saw my first born playing on sandy shores of the azure blue sea. I saw my sonís first recital on country canoe.

Surreal as it may seem. I woke with the realisation, life is not just a series of breathes, rather moments that take your breath away! And the perfect backdrop makes all the difference...

Therefore as this is our first newsletter, after the makeover, we wanted it to be something special for you.

We have a substantial list of great offers from all over South India, some of the finest destinations, resorts, homestays and bungalows. But....we had to showcase and bring to your attention this irrestible offer for summer... our pick of the month , the much awaited CGH Earths best of Kerala . Check it out!